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Fall Training Dates Announced

Dates for the Tactical Network Solutions Forensic series have been announced. The dates for the remainder of the year are as follows:

We hope to see you in class!

HTC 2012 Awards

Howard Tech Council announced that Tactical Network Solutions won 2012 New/Emerging Company of the Year!

Reaver Pro on HakShop

Reaver Pro is now on sale at the HakShop for $99!

Reaver Breakout Session at CCDC

Terry Dunlap of Tactical Network Solutions will be giving two one hour talks in breakout sessions at the High School Cybersecurity Fair and Expo (CCDC) and the Johns Hopkins APL this Saturday. If you're interested in hearing about the latest vulnerability in WPS and how to exploit it successfully, please join us for this event! Details to follow.


Reaver: Wireless (In)Security Once Again


2012 High School Cybersecurity Fair and Expo


Saturday, March 17, 2012   10:00 AM-4:00 PM


John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab,
Kossiakoff Conference and Education Center
11100 Johns Hopkins Road
Laurel Maryland 20723


Terry Dunlap, Tactical Network Solutions


Just when you thought wireless networks were secure with WPA/WPA2 encryption, along comes WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) to make security even easier. Or does it? Due to a flaw in the WPS protocol, it is possible once again to access encrypted wireless networks with ease! Unfortunately, there is no simple fix to this rather large, world-wide security flaw. This talk will explain WPS, how it works, why it's broken, and demonstrate how easy it is to gain access using the free, open-source tool called Reaver.

bFLT-Utils Tool Release

We've just released a set of tools for analyzing bFLT (binary flat) files.

bFLT is a lightweight alternative to ELF which is primarily used in embedded systems running uClinux. Bflt-utils includes:

  • Bfltldr      - A bFLT loader for IDA Pro
  • Readbflt  - Like readelf, but for bFLT files
  • Flthdr      - A tool for manipulating bFLT files (from the elf2flt project) 


The bFLT IDA loader is arguably the most useful of the three. IDA unfortunately does not have a built-in bFLTloader, and although some simple bFLT loaders can be found floating around the Web, they neglect to patch the bFLT relocation and global offset tables. This means that precious string and data references aren't resolved properly in the resulting disassembly:


Bfltldr does process the relocation and global offset tables, resulting in a much easier to read disassembly:


The readbflt tool is also quite useful, as it not only lists all of the entries in the relocation and global offset tables, but also what data those entries point to:


Finally, flthdr is useful for manipulating bFLT binaries. Most notably, it allows you to extract compressed bFLT files:


Bflt-utils can be downloaded from its Google Code project page.