"Achilles Heel: The Vulnerability of Embedded Firmware" by Terry Dunlap

February 08, 2017

Recently, we had the privilege of writing an article for the United States Cybersecurity Magazine entitled "Achilles Heel: The Vulnerability of Embedded Firmware."

In this piece, we discuss why firmware is so vulnerable, talk about the design, development and manufacturing of embedded connected firmware, explore the good news on updating connected firmware and ask "Why not build better firmware from the start?"

This last question drives our reason for being. We see the IoT exploitation tsunami building on the horizon and work with companies to secure their embedded devices to mitigate risk. Clients come to us for hands-on training and automated tools to help them discover zero-day vulnerabilities in automotive ECUs, connected medical devices and other IoT systems before the bad guys!

There's no question that the vulnerability of embedded firmware is the "Achilles heel" of IoT security, but it doesn't have to be. There are multiple ways for companies and organizations to proactively address the security issues they face.

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