Centrifuge IoT Security Platform Updates - April 2017

May 09, 2017

Centrifuge IoT Security Platform Updates - April 2017

The dev team at TNS makes ongoing updates and improvements to the Centrifuge IoT Security Platform. Here's a list of the most recent changes you should know about:


  • Emulation has made its way to the top of our priority list.
    • But stable extraction quickly superseded emulation based on user activity.
  • The CSP tool automatically emails the development team whenever there's an error during processing.


  • New models were added to the database schema; performing a migration is recommended.


  • Firmware image "extracted" directory is always created, even when Binwalk decides it doesn't feel like doing it.
  • Symlink fixup and recursive file system image extraction have been abstracted out of the BinwalkExtractor and are now available for use by all Extractors.
  • Created .tar file extractor.
  • Created .gz file extractor, which queues a subsequent extractor to extract whatever was compressed.
  • All extractors create a -root directory, which is required for Analyzers to be executed.


  • Began working on an Analyzer that identifies common web server platforms present in the firmware image.
  • Created an Entropy Graph Analyzer that separates graph creation from extraction. This works around an issue Binwalk caused by attempting to overlay signatures on the entropy graph when there is a large number of signatures (greater than ten).


  • User login sessions persist across server restarts.


  • Identified CVEs are sorted by date in reverse order; most recent CVE is presented first.


Thanks for your continued support! We appreciate your efforts to secure your IoT devices.