"Countering the Dismal State of Security in the Internet of Things" - An Interview with Terry Dunlap on Dev Diner

March 01, 2017

Recently, Terry Dunlap, our Founder & CEO, shared a few opinions with Patrick Catanzariti, the founder at Dev Diner. The result was a comprehensive post created by Dev Diner entitled, "Countering the Dismal State of Security in the Internet of Things."

"Security has been a huge concern with Internet of Things devices, with connected devices turning up in botnets and having rather concerning security vulnerabilities. Terry Dunlap, founder and CEO of Tactical Network Solutions, helps businesses and developers ensure their systems are built securely. He was kind enough to share some of his thoughts and advice for securing the IoT.

Right now, Terry defines security in the IoT as 'dismal.' Not the best situation to have with devices that are in some of the most sensitive parts of your home (often with very crucial roles such as locking your door or securely watching your home!)."

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