From the TNS Mailbag: "What types of embedded firmware images does Centrifuge evaluate?"

May 30, 2017

What types of embedded firmware images does Centrifuge evaluate?

Now, that's a great question! But, first, a little background. Clients are excited to leverage the TNS automated firmware evaluations (and consulting) performed with the proprietary Centrifuge IoT Security Platform. TNS evaluations have revealed thousands of hidden attack vectors including erroneously placed private crypto keys, insecure binaries with highly vulnerable function calls and other rampant security holes on embedded firmware.

The evals are completed with NO access to source code on embedded firmware images containing Linux-based root filesystems compiled for either MIPS, ARM, or X86. We also support QNX (a real-time operating system) and Docker containers.


Don't wait: find out more about TNS firmware evals!