"Get to Higher Ground with Embedded Firmware Security Training" by Terry Dunlap

February 13, 2017

We're on a mission. We're spreading the word that companies need embedded firmware security training to proactively protect their IoT devices from attacks.

Recently, we had the chance to share our voice on the Embedded Computing Design website in a post entitled, "Get to Higher Ground with Embedded Firmware Security Training."

Below is an excerpt from the post. We hope you'll read on and join the mission by sharing information with your contacts considering training in Exploiting Real Time Operating Systems, Hardware Hacking and Exploiting IoT Firmware.

"Imagine it’s late Thursday afternoon. Your team needs to reverse engineer the embedded firmware on one of your new devices to search for security holes. They’re looking for vulnerabilities because device protection recently bubbled up as an important priority (and you’re expected to navigate these uncharted waters without much time or money). As time slips by and a major design reviews approaches, your team is struggling to stay afloat and secure the device. It’s critical that your engineers and developers learn to think like cyberattackers, who seek to exploit vulnerable firmware. Looking ahead, there’s still lot of information to swim through and it may be a long few weeks without a safe harbor in sight." Read our whole article on the Embedded Computing Design site...