Get to Know TNS Instructor Steve Sem

February 01, 2017

Get to Know TNS Instructor Steve Sem

Steve Sem has come a long way - literally - to be part of the Tactical Network Solutions' team. He hails from Minnesota and, after finishing his degree in computer science in North Dakota, moved to the warmer climes of Maryland to come on board.

Yet, his skills haven’t taken long to develop and continue to expand concretely, given Steve's innate understanding of technology and deliberate approach to engineering. He's the guy who'll invest time to really figure things out.

Steve started working with us in early 2013 on several government and commercial contracts. In addition to his contracts work, he's taught for the past two years and excels at the IoT Firmware Exploitation class. During his trainings, he likes to swap stories with students about their adventures in the world of embedded firmware reverse engineering. He notes that, sometimes, the teacher learns as much as the students!

On a former contract with a branch of the US armed forces, Steve helped develop the Centrifuge IoT Security Platform, which was born out of a portion of the R&D work. He’s also supported a TNS commercial contract with a major car manufacturer where he tightened embedded firmware security through reverse engineering.

After graduating college, he learned about TNS through a former employee and through his studies under another instructor/developer, Craig Heffner. The small world of embedded firmware reverse engineering brought Steve a long way from home, but his students and the rest of the TNS staff are glad it did.