March Offensive Cyber Training Classes: Start Thinking Like a Hacker

February 27, 2017

If you want to build secure embedded firmware, you've got to start thinking like a hacker.

Your unsecured devices could be a hacker's next target - falling victims under direct control or acting as recruits in a hacker's army and performing coordinated attacks to take down larger systems. Today, vulnerable devices are "fair game" to hackers around the world.

But, don't just take our word for it. Pick up a newspaper (so to speak) to read story after story on how cyber attackers have invaded other companies' devices using security holes and blatant vulnerabilities.

Don't be a sitting duck

Companies, organizations and individuals come to Tactical Network Solutions to harden their embedded firmware security skills with live, hands-on training in IoT firmware exploitation, exploiting real time OS's and hardware hacking.

They get trained by full-time TNS instructors, who are an elite group of former US intelligence offensive cyber operators. They hear real-world experiences, tips, tricks and methods not found anywhere else. And they come away with the ability to think like the bad guys and protect their own embedded firmware devices.


IoT Firmware Exploitation - March 6-10: This course is designed for white hat hackers, tinkerers, and hobbyists with limited experience and an interest in embedded systems analysis. It starts with a basic introduction to electronics, using a series of hands-on lab exercises to give the student a comfortable foundation using various embedded analysis tools and techniques, including exercises in extracting and analyzing flash images from live hardware. Students will learn how to identify and extract critical data in the firmware, and perform basic vulnerability analysis on embedded code.

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Exploiting Real Time Operating Systems - March 27-31: This course will teach students how to analyze, reverse, debug, and exploit embedded RTOS firmware. Hands-on experience with a variety of real-world devices, RTOS’s, and architectures equip students with the practical knowledge and skills necessary to be proficient in RTOS vulnerability analysis and exploitation.

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Plus, reserve your seat in the next Hardware Hacking Workshop - May 16-18: From using basic hardware debugging tools, to PCB reverse engineering, to circuit and signals analysis, this course will take you from “zero to hero” and equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to approach the challenges of hardware reverse engineering with confidence.

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