PRESS RELEASE: Tactical Network Solutions Unveils Firmware Evaluation Services

May 02, 2017

Tactical Network Solutions Unveils Firmware Evaluation Services

Companies afraid of IoT hacks can proactively protect their devices.

COLUMBIA, MD: The current state of IoT security seems bleak. Story after story about IoT hacks on insecure connected devices, including security cameras, teddy bears, pacemakers, lightbulbs and routers continue to make the headlines. Companies – and their customers – fear these hacks with good reason. They can lead to untold physical, data, psychological, and intellectual property losses. With an increasing number of devices entering the market daily, the stakes continue to skyrocket.

In early April 2017, Tactical Network Solutions (TNS) officially unveiled its firmware evaluation services to its clients and prospects. TNS seeks to assist as many companies as possible in order to secure as many devices as possible. They believe that true IoT security can be a reality for developers and manufacturers. The evaluation services are priced at an initial, introductory rate to allow companies to take advantage of the service.

“We want to help companies evaluate their compiled firmware images just before production to ensure the highest level of security possible,” notes Terry Dunlap, Founder & CEO of TNS. “In the evaluations, we don’t look at source code. Rather, we reverse engineer the compiled images to find all vulnerabilities, including those compilers may have introduced that are often revealed in the libraries and other parts of the binaries.”

To date, TNS firmware evaluations, performed for government and other private customers, have revealed thousands of hidden attack vectors on IoT and other connected devices. Companies rely on the audits to continuously uncover erroneously placed private crypto keys, insecure binaries with highly vulnerable function calls and other rampant security holes in embedded firmware.

About Tactical Network Solutions: Fortune 500 companies and governments around the world come to Tactical Network Solutions for our reverse engineering training programs, firmware evaluations and cyber risk mitigation strategies. TNS discovers hidden attack vectors in IoT and other connected devices using the Centrifuge IoT Security Platform to rapidly conduct firmware evaluations and mitigate cyber risks.