Road Test the Centrifuge IoT Security Platform and Rapidly Discover Security Issues

December 08, 2016

Road Test the Centrifuge IoT Security Platform to Rapidly Discover IoT Security Issues

Are you manually searching for security vulnerabilities in your embedded firmware devices?

Find out how companies use Centrifuge, the automated tool that rapidly finds and reports vulnerabilities - including zero-days. See it in action and download the free white paper.

The Centrifuge IoT Security Platform discovers potential security firmware vulnerabilities in Smart Home Devices, Set-top Boxes, Medical Devices, Automotive ECUs and others by:

  1. Performing automated reverse engineering of compiled firmware images
  2. Extracting the complete root filesystems within the firmware image
  3. Deconstructing each file down to the byte code level
  4. Generating detailed reports revealing vulnerable functions calls

Learn about our free trial program or contact us today to talk about your needs and book a live demo.