TNS Issues a Sample IoT Security Report Showing Backdoors in a Connected Device

June 06, 2017

First, the good news: The extremely high number of connected devices rapidly coming to market has consumers and manufacturers excited. The new IoT devices often include advancements, more effective data collection and greater ease of use.

Now, the bad news: When the devices are not built securely, they also bring unnecessary exposure, vulnerabilities, and danger.

To support IoT device manufacturers and others, Tactical Network Solutions (TNS) has issued a sample report that uncovers security flaws in a connected device. The 17-page report illustrates firmware vulnerabilities including hidden backdoor accounts, private security keys and 3rd party library vulnerabilities.

The report was produced with data gathered from a custom-built IoT Security Platform, which automatically reverse engineers compiled firmware images to uncover security holes. The platform extracts the complete root filesystems within the firmware images, deconstructs each file down to the bytecode level and provides reporting on vulnerable functions calls. This process gives IoT device manufacturers a bird’s eye view into potentially dangerous and exploitable security issues on their devices.

As the IoT device market rapidly expands, companies will continue to automate as much of the firmware evaluation process as possible. To that end, TNS brings complete solutions to manufacturers who seek accurate and timely security evaluations of connected devices.


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