HERMES: On-Demand Covert Communications Infrastructure

  • Maintaining a dedicated, "always on" covert communications infrastructure is expensive and unnecessary if your utilization rate is less than 100% 24/7/365.

    Wouldn't it be more cost effective and secure to utilize a covert communications infrastructure that only exists when you actually needed to use it? And wouldn't your organization feel more confident and in control if they didn't need to rely upon the country's telecommunications providers for access every time?

    Well now you can!

  • HERMES is an on-demand covert communications infrastructure that utilizes the globally connected Internet of Things (IoT) as transit points. You simply choose the global path you desire for your needs, and HERMES begins to build your custom designed, on-demand cover communications infrastructure in real-time.

    The benefits are enormous:
    1. Low cost compared to traditional options
    2. No maintenance
    3. Custom designed communication paths by you when you need it
    4. Non-attributable
    5. No logging, no tracking, no records

    Sound too good to be true? Then contact us today to schedule a compelling demonstration for your organization.