TNS 7-Day WiFi Bootcamp

  • The TNS 7-Day WiFi Bootcamp is our proven, complete step-by-step technique designed to take you by the hand to build, configure, and run your very own man-in-the-middle WiFi attack platform.

    With this knowledge and skill set you can:

    • Present powerful, persuasive WiFi attack demonstrations
    • Educate and protect employees, management, co-workers, or clients from WiFi attacks
    • Illustrate the dangers of open WiFi Hotspots

    You get 100% access to:

    • 14 Step-by-step modules with both slide presentations and actual keyboard strokes
    • Bonus: Downloadable VMware image of the actual operating system used
    • Bonus: Numerous PDF cheat sheets
    • Bonus: Downloadable Wireshark “target templates”
    • Bonus: Configuration files
    • Lifetime access and login 24/7
    • Money Back Guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied!
  • Lessons at a Glance

    Day 1: Building Your WiFi Platform
    Learn to build your own wireless platform from scratch! We’ll teach you how to use Linux and why we like Linux over Windows.

    Day 2: Sniffing with the Command Line
    Learn how to collect WiFi packets using only the native tools built into all Linux distributions!

    Day 3: Changing Channels with Scripting
    Learn the basics of Bash scripting. Then use your new skills to develop a channel hopping script to automate changing channels while sniffing. Plus some cool bonus scripts!

    Day 4: Packet Management Techniques
    Learn some cool new tricks to save packets. Do you know about ring buffers? You will after this lesson!

    Day 5: Configuring Wireshark for WiFi
    Most people use Wireshark “as-is” without using its powerful configurations! I don’t want you to be “most people.” I want you to be a Wireshark Ninja! Learn how to setup Wireshark for all things WiFi.

    Day 6: Collection Analysis Techniques
    Now that we collected cool and interesting WiFi packets, let’s search for interesting things. Maybe user names and passwords? Emails? Learn how to use powerful, but overlooked, Wireshark search techniques.

    Day 7: Building a Man-in-the-Middle System
    Learn how to set up your very own rogue access point where people will connect to you! It’s the ultimate man-in-the-middle technique you can use practically anywhere there’s a WiFi hotspot.

  • Register directly on the portal website at For questions, call +1 (443) 276-6990 or email us at