How Tactical Network Solutions Can Help You

Are you...

responsible for the delivery of secure IoT devices to the marketplace and fear your products can be hacked, leading to substantial fines from the Federal Trade Commission?
the lead cyber security expert for an automobile manufacturer or OEM trying to avoid becoming the lead story on the evening news?
a Fortune 500 company that cannot afford a class action lawsuit, shareholder revolt, or tarnished name and brand due to a cyber attack against your Internet-connected product?
a medical device manufacturer bold enough to step forward today and be proactive in protecting your devices from cyber attacks before someone actually dies and the Food & Drug Administration compels you to secure your device?
a government, intelligence agency, or military unit needing to expand your offensive cyber capabilities rapidly and under budget?


Our Expertise

We have helped many with the above scenarios. We could have helped the others. All they had to do was ask.
Since 2007, Tactical Network Solutions has been helping exploit and secure firmware, and the recent Internet of Things (IoT), by providing product solutions, as well as live training, to the Fortune 500 and governments.
Manufacturers and integrators also come to us for firmware exploitation services, so they can manufacture secure products.
If you're responsible for securing devices that run embedded firmware or exploiting devices that run firmware, contact us today to discuss your specific needs.