Firmware Evaluation Services for Risk Mitigation

Are you concerned about...
...delivering secure IoT devices, but fear your products
could be easily hacked, leading to substantial fines from
the Federal Trade Commission?
...being the lead engineer at an automobile manufacturer or OEM that's trying to avoid becoming the top story on the evening news?
...producing IoT products at a Fortune 500 company that cannot afford a class action lawsuit, shareholder revolt, or tarnished brand resulting from a cyber attack?
....working for a medical device manufacturer that's still considering how to protect devices from cyber attacks before someone dies and the Food & Drug Administration compels them to take action?
...meeting project requirements and deadlines at a government, intelligence agency, or military unit that needs to expand its offensive cyber capabilities rapidly, yet under budget?

Evaluating Firmware to Mitigate Risk
Since 2007, Fortune 500 companies and governments around the world have come to Tactical Network Solutions for reverse engineering training programs, firmware evaluations, and cyber risk mitigation strategies. Our tools, evaluations and training programs have revealed thousands of hidden attack vectors on IoT and other connected devices. Clients continuously rely on TNS to discover erroneously placed private crypto keys, insecure binaries with highly vulnerable function calls and other abundant security holes on embedded firmware.
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