Hardware Hacking Workshop

CPE/ECE Credits: 24

  • Taking the hard out of hardware hacking.

    This is for people who want to actually understand what they’re doing!

    Have you ever wanted to reverse engineer a piece of electronics, but didn’t know where to begin? Do you lack the knowledge to troubleshoot hardware hacking problems? Did your Internet resources lack the “how to” hands-on instruction?

    Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could take you by the hand and elevate your hardware reverse engineering knowledge from zero to hero in a logical, well organized manner?

    Well the search is over because we have developed a new hardware reverse engineering course to do just that!

    From using basic hardware debugging tools, to PCB reverse engineering, to circuit and signals analysis, this course will take you from “zero to hero” and equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to approach the challenges of hardware reverse engineering with confidence.

  • Just your curiosity and desire to learn.

    No equipment or food necessary… we provide both!

  • Fundamental Embedded Hardware Concepts
    Basic electronics and circuit analysis
    Analog/digital communications
    Common inter-component protocols

    First Look: Non-Invasive Hardware Reverse Engineering
    Component identification
    Tracking PCB traces
    Re-producing schematic and block diagrams

    Bus Sniffing and Interface Analysis
    Spying on communications protocols
    Decoding and deciphering captured bits
    Identifying and extracting important data

    Soldering and Desoldering
    Soldering and desoldering basics
    Component removal and replacement
    Dealing with surface mount components

    What To Do When It All Goes Wrong
    Intermediate-level electronics and circuit analysis
    Understanding your tools and their effects on the circuit
    Understanding the circuit and its effect on your tools

  • Instructors Heather Eacmen and Craig Heffner specialize in embedded systems reverse engineering and analysis, with a combined experience of over 12 years in the industry.
  • Private, on-site training is available. Call +1 (443) 276-6990 or email us at sales@tacnetsol.com.