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C/C++ Programmer

Multiple locations

Job Type



C/C++, Python, Sockets, Assembly

About the Role

As a dev on our team, you will have the opportunity to work on a variety of real-world, mission-critical programs. We are looking for experienced developers who can take projects from concept to completion in a dynamic environment. You will leverage your knowledge of user-space systems programming, kernel-space development, networking and other OS internals. This position may also require reverse engineering, vulnerability analysis, and exploitation productization.

Skills Required

  • Software experience writing in C/C++, Python

  • Systems-level development experience with some platform (Windows, Linux, macOS)

  • Experience with encryption and network programming

  • Agile development (i.e. gathering requirements, design, implementation, and testing)

  • Experience with debuggers (e.g. gdb, Windbg, lldb, etc.)

Skills Desired

  • Experience with writing kernel drivers.

  • Experience writing software in additional languages: Rust, Go, Java, Powershell, C#

  • Experience with R/E tools (e.g. IDAPro, Ghidra, Binary Ninja, Radare2, etc.)

  • Experience with Assembly Programming Intel, ARM, MIPS, etc.

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